The Ordering Process


Thank you for considering Beurre Pastry Shop for your pastry needs!

We are an online bakery that delivers in and around the Bay Area and ships nationwide. In either case we generally need 3 days' lead time as each product is baked to order. Never be afraid to ask if we can do a last minute order for you!

  • For local delivery order here.

  • For nationwide shipping order here.


Delivery Range

We deliver all around the Bay Area. Delivery is complimentary within a few miles of our Menlo Park kitchen. Outside of that range (our system will automatically let you know if you're within range) there is a minimum order with a delivery fee of $15.


Yes, we ship nationwide! Head to our Nationwide Shipping page to see our current shipment offerings. We do custom shipping options as well, just let us know what you're looking for.

Shipments generally go out on Tuesdays (we hate the idea of your goodies sitting in the mail). Our 3-5 business days include processing time to the ship date, but your order may arrive outside of that window. All orders ship Priority. Sometimes shipments are delayed by the carrier and, unfortunately, there is not much we can do once your goodies are in the mail.

Shipping costs are dependent on your goodies' final destination. If our system overestimates your shipping costs you will see a refund of the extra amount, which will take just a few business days to process.

Trouble placing your Local Delivery order?

First off, that's frustrating. We're sorry you're having any trouble.


The most frequent issue revolves around delivery time. When requesting a specific time make sure you are ordering for a date and time that is at least 72 hours/ 3 days from placement. This includes time, so if you're ordering for 71 hours away you will need to adjust the time to reflect at least 3 days for our system to accept your order.


Also: don't be afraid to request a last minute order! We can frequently fulfill last minute requests but as a rule don't allow last minute orders through the system. If that doesn't help the issue, please contact us and we can get your order going over the phone or email. We always try to respond within 24 hours but generally do within 5 hours.

Local Delivery Times

Our ordering system allows you to select a specific delivery time. We try to honor your choice of time as much as possible. However, sometimes our delivery schedule forces us to deliver your goodies earlier than your requested time. We try to never deliver later than 15 minutes past your delivery time, but do recommend you pad your delivery time request. If we do need to shift your delivery time to later, we will contact you before the delivery date to confirm with you. Late delivers are incredibly rare and you will be contacted if something has come up.


We would be honored to cater your next event! Regardless of whether you're throwing a small soirée or a large festival, you can choose from any of our online products. We can also offer smaller portions of each of our products -- if you are seeking bite-sized desserts, we highly recommend our Beurre Bites. To inquire about catering, please fill out our Contact Page form. 

We also offer custom-tailored treats for your themed events. If you're seeking sweet and savory items for any type of event, please let us know. We love planning custom menus for your special occasions.

Can I order an assorted box?

You can absolutely inquire about specific assortments for boxes. If you'd just like an assortment of our products feel free to contact us and we'll get a box ready for you. If you're seeking custom flavors the prices for items may vary from what you see on our site, as we use bulk pricing online.


If you're looking to order in bulk but want them mixed and matched in different boxes, that is not a problem and will not result in an extra cost. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Beurre Bake-Along Demo Videos

You can find our demo videos and recipes here and can subscribe to our YouTube channel to get instant updates every time we upload a new video.

Gift Options

Our pastries are perfect gifts for friends and family. Please contact us for gift-wrapping options. If you aren't too picky, tell us the occasion and your desired message in the "note" section at check-out. Each note will be handwritten exactly as you specify.  Contact us for more information. 

Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards here.

Beurre Bites

When ordering from our Bars & Brownies menu, you may request "Beurre Bites," our version of bite-sized bars, in the "special requests" section. If you are looking for smaller portions of bars, this is a great option. By requesting this you are asking for all of the bars to be quartered, allowing yourself and guests the ability to taste a large variety of bars in smaller, pre-portioned bites.


Allergy Notice
We use peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, and milk in many of our products. If you would like to know more about a specific product, please don't hesitate to Contact Us


Any Other Questions

If there is ever any confusion at check out, please feel free to leave us a note in the "note" section during check out or send us a message from our Contact Page. We will get back to you as soon as possible about your questions and concerns.